Please contact my home/office (613-729-6166), and leave a confidential voicemail anytime. I will get back to you weekdays after 4, and on weekends. Please notice that changes to appointments/cancellations MUST be done by phone.

I DO NOT RESPOND TO EMAILS EXCEPT TO OFFER MY PHONE NUMBER. This is because I wish to protect client information, and ensure that messages are received.

RESPONSIBILITY: I invite you to take 100% responsibility for your emotional and physical well being while in therapy. Together we will determine which tools work best for you- your commitment to practising these between sessions helps create the secure foundation which will allow for future processing of painful material. I invite you to bring along a journal to record your learnings from the session, and your’ homework’ for the next session. I may also ask you to complete a weekly therapy scale to monitor our progress together. Your feedback and honesty regarding the counselling process is vital to our success together!