I work with wonderful individuals and groups! Underneath the concerns and traumas that bring us to to psychotherapy, there is often the central issue that we have lost touch who we really are. As a certified social worker with over thirty years experience,I provide powerful evidenced based tools from Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy , other body centered psychotherapies, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to help people let go of the past , use their strengths to create the life they really want to have, and get back in touch with the very best of who they really are .

I have studied several body centered approaches which enable me to offer a wide variety of skilled interventions for complex trauma, stress and loss. I have focused much of my study on EMDR-I am a Therapist Certified in EMDR, and an EMDR Consultant –in- Training. I have taken extensive training in EMDR. I have attended many intensives Art of EMDR with Dr Roger M. Solomon and Kathy Martin LSW. I receive ongoing consultations with EMDRIA approved consultants, and I continue to do my own personal work using EMDR, and other body centred psychotherapies.

I have completed a two year apprenticeship program with the Hendricks Institute of California, whixh has a body centred, positive psychology focus. I am a registered yoga teacher (200 hrs) with Yoga Alliance, taught by Sylvie Gouin., and I teach yoga and mindfulness practices as important tools for health and recovery. I have completed Professional Mindfulness Stress Reduction Training with Jon Kabat- Zinn, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy with Dr Zindel Segal, Yoga and Mood, level one with Amy Weintraub, and the 40 hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Van der Kolk’s Brookline Clinic.

I am committed to lifelong learning, continuing to pursue and experience (new to me) psychotherapy and yogic practices. One of my greatest pleasures is to offer the Happiness WorkOut Weekend. I have integrated all my training and experiences to provide a safe, fun learning environment in a group setting where clients practice using tools to create powerful positive shifts in their lives.