Ethics and Standards of Practice: As a member of the College of Certified Social Workers and Social Service Workers, a member of the Association of Professional Social Workers and a member of EMDR Canada, my private practice follow the standards and guidelines of these professional groups.

Privacy Policy: I am committed to collecting, using and disclosing the personal information of clients responsibly, and in accordance with the policies and procedures set out by the College of Certified Social Workers.

Reasons for Collecting Personal Information: the purpose of collecting information is to provide professional services related to a psychotherapy practice. I may also ask and disclose some information to bill clients for unpaid accounts.

Protecting Personal Information: Personal client information IS NOT revealed to anyone without your written consent with these exceptions:

1. Child at risk of abuse/neglect

2. Imminent risk of suicide or serious harm to another

3. Subpoena by the court

4. At the request of my professional college.

Your personal information can be shared with a third party at your written request.

To maintain a standard of excellent care, I routinely consult with EMDRIA approved consultants, and will provide you with a written request to do this at the time we agree to use EMDR treatment. I consult with these consultants at my own time and expense as required.

Retention and Destruction of Files: I am required to keep files for 7 years at the time of assessment.

Reviewing Your File: With a few exceptions, you have the right to review the information in your file. I may ask that you put your request in writing. When information is requested by mail, I may need to confirm your identity. I reserve the right to charge a nominal fee to cover expenses such as photocopying. If I cannot give you access, I will tell you within 30 days if possible, explaining why access is not possible. If you believe that there is incorrect factual material in the file, you have the right to request that it is corrected. If I agree a mistake has been made, I will note it in your file, and notify anyone who was sent incorrect information. If I do not agree that a mistake was made, I will note your concern in the file, and forward this concern to anyone who had received the earlier information.

Raising A Concern: I ask you discuss with me any concerns you have about my services or practices. If, after this, you may wish to have a conversation with the College of Social Work and Social Service Workers at 1-877-828-9380.